How to become a Guide in Albania



The profession of a tour guide in Albania is regulated and requires specific certification. This page provides a detailed overview of the steps, criteria, and processes involved in becoming a certified tour guide in Albania.

Steps and Procedures to Become a Certified Guide in Albania:

⮚ Registration for Training: Participants must register for training courses offered by government-accredited training centers. These courses prepare guides for specific areas based on their interests and desired expertise.

⮚ Course Completion: Participants must attend and complete all required modules in the training program.

⮚ Professional Portfolio Preparation: Participants must prepare a professional portfolio, which includes studying materials and developing a guide for a specific area.

⮚ Application for Certification: Participants must complete the application for the “tourist guide” certificate, specifying the category and foreign language proficiency.

⮚ Certification Issuance: The training provider will notify the participants of the board’s decision regarding the certification.

Certification Process

The certification process is managed by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, which issues the appropriate tour guide certificate based on the guide’s category and language proficiency.

Required Documentation:

⮚ A written request containing:

    • Personal information (name, surname, personal number, address, phone number).
    • The specific category of tour guide certificate requested.
    • The foreign language(s) in which the guide will operate.

⮚ A copy of the identity card or passport.

⮚ A recent criminal record certificate (issued within the last three months).

⮚ Notarized copies of educational documents (secondary or higher education).

⮚ Notarized copies of documents verifying the successful completion of the tour guide qualification program.

⮚ Documents proving proficiency in the foreign language(s) required for guiding.

Criteria for Certification

To be eligible for a tour guide certification, the candidate must:

⮚ Be at least 18 years old.

⮚ Have completed secondary education.

⮚ Have no criminal record involving intentional offenses.

⮚ Successfully complete the relevant qualification program for tour guides, in accordance with law no. 93/2015 “On Tourism”.

⮚ Foreign nationals must have resided legally in Albania for at least one year and have basic knowledge of the Albanian language.

Categories of Guides in Albania

Tour guides in Albania are classified into three categories:

National Tour Guide: Responsible for guiding tourist groups across the country, focusing on cultural, historical, and natural heritage. Requires a minimum of 600 hours of training.

Local Tour Guide: Responsible for guiding tourist groups in a specific local area, focusing on the cultural and natural heritage of that region. Requires a minimum of 320 hours of training.

Speciality Tour Guide: Focuses on adventure tourism and specific activities such as hiking, cycling, climbing, water sports, etc. Requires a minimum of 320 hours of training in specialized disciplines.



Training Programs & Accredited Institutions

Various accredited institutions offer qualification programs for prospective tour guides. Each institution offers specialized programs aligned with the different categories of tour guides.

NATGA (National Albanian Tourist Guide Association)

NATGA is an organization offering comprehensive training programs for aspiring tour guides in Albania. They offer courses for National and Local tour guide in Albania.

Contact Information:


Phone: +355 69 216 4170

Facebook: NATGA

Instagram: NATGA

LinkedIn: NATGA

Marin Barleti University

Marin Barleti University offers specialized training programs through its Tourism Department. The university provides trainings in all three categories of tour guiding.

Contact Information:

Email: &

Phone: +355 69 706 3488

Website: UMB

The Bridge

The Bridge is a training center that offers a variety of courses aimed at developing skills for national and specialist tour guides. Their programs include interactive field trips to ensure learning experiences.

Contact Information:


Phone: +355 68 404 5721

Website: The Bridge

Instagram: The Bridge

Facebook: The Bridge

LinkedIn: The Bridge

University of Sports

The University of Sports offers programs specifically designed for guides specializing in sports and adventure tourism. The curriculum includes training in physical education, sports management, and specific adventure sports skills.


 Contact Information:

Phone: +355 67 609 6800

+355 69 888 0444


Website: UST

Tirana Training Center

Tirana Training Center provides extensive training for national and local tourist guides. Their courses cover cultural, historical, and natural heritage of Albania, ensuring guides are well-equipped with necessary knowledge and skills.

 Contact Information:


Website: Tirana Training Center

Instagram: Tirana Training Center


    Pegasos Travel

    Pegasos Travel offers training programs designed for aspiring national tourist guides, with focus into Albania’s cultural, historical, and natural heritage, by ensuring the guides are well-prepared to offer insightful tours that highlight the beauty of Albania.

     Contact Information:


    Mobile: +355 695821609

    Phone: +355 42366651

    Instagram: Pegasos Travel

    TikTok: Pegasos Travel

    Facebook: Pegasos Travel

    Albanian Rafting Federation

    The Albanian Rafting Federation focuses on training guides for adventure tourism, especially in water sports like rafting. Their programs include practical training sessions on Albania’s rivers, providing hands-on experience.

     Contact Information:

    Phone: +355 67 200 66 23


    Website: Albanian Rafting

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