ATOA- Albanian Tour Operator Association

The professional voice of Albanian Tourism Industry



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About ATOA

Our mision

ATOA was established with the aim of creating a positive climate for tourism businesses and their main actors

Our Vision

A competitive tourism sector that plays by the rules to become the egnine of Albanian Economy 


⮚ Creating equal conditions of competition for all businesses
⮚ Protection of members against unfair policies


Members of ATOA are some of the most important Tour Operators and Travel Agencies in Albania 

We have the power to change the tourism industry in Albania

Members of our association ATOA have often been part of television debates to discuss the problems and challenges of the sector.

Constructive debate and arguments have been part of these panels with other tourism actors and government representatives.

ATOA has the vision of bulding a  sustainable sector.

Our Priorities

The members of ATOA have agreed on the clear vision of the sustainable development of the sector and our priorities are:

Tourism law





Our activites



ITB Berlin- ATOA members with one stand

Members of ATOA are participating in Berlin for the first time under one stand, ATOA stand    More Details



Annual ATOA Assembly

Annual Assembly of ATOA is the main event of the association, where all members take part and important desicions are taken  More Details

ATOA truly is the Voice of Albanian tourism industry, to learn more about our activites and stay tunned, subscribe to our newsleter